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Inline HyperText Markup Language

iHTML is a very powerful server side scripting / programming language for the Internet which is used in the creation of customized interactive web sites.
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iHTML Merchant

The iHTML merchant software is the ideal solution for ISP's, web developers and corporate users to implement online stores on the Internet.
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The InTelaCart software is an entry level ecommerce solution for ISP's to offer clients that are unable to install full blown merchant software on their websites.
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oPAYc is a standardized way to do payment processing to a large number of different payment processing companies.
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TDS Driver

Inline has contributed a TDS ODBC driver for connecting to a Microsoft® or Sybase® SQL Server database system from multiple operating systems.
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iDRINK is a web site for drink recipes. It determines what recipes you can make from the ingredients you have.
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Inline Partnership Programs

The Inline VAR (Value Added Reseller) Program was created for Web consultants, developers, ISP's, and systems integrators, who represent a very important part of Inline's business.
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