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The Inline Philosophy

When people initially find out about our products they wonder why the price is so low in comparison to other products but the Inline products have more features. There are a number of reasons for this. We believe in providing high quality software that isn't crippled, at a reasonable price. We keep our costs under control and run a profitable business. We don't need to gouge our customers to be successful. We are also interested in market share. Market share is important for long term stability of any business. It then allows us to provide more related products and more enhancements since the overall costs are spread over many more customers.

Customer service is very important to us. It is something we pride ourselves on and is clearly a differentiating factor between ourselves and our competitors. We want our customers to be happy and profitable in using our products. The more happy customers, the more referral business we get and the less we have to spend on marketing. Most other companies see technical support and customer service as cost centers, we look at them as tools to our growth. Inline provides continual after sales service, ask our customers, they know. The best way to do that is subscribe to our mailing list or support forum. Customers discuss things between themselves and with us. It is a community of users that we are proud to have.

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